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Superchips Traildash 2 (JK/LJ/TJ)

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Innovative Superchips TrailDash2 computer programmers feature state-of-the-art technology in an all-new design. These in-cabin units monitor vital vehicle parameters, and include an impressive array of custom features and controls with Jeep enthusiasts in mind. Traveling with a Superchips TrailDash2 computer programmer on-board, you're ready to cruise the streets or tackle tough trails with confidence, knowing you've got the best performance product in the industry.

Superchips TrailDash2 computer programmers feature:

* Slim, sleek case design
* 5 in. full-color, high-resolution swipe screen
* Custom color mixer for gauge arcs, needles, and backgrounds
* Multiple gauge screen layouts
* New switch panel screen to control EAS power switches
* Fully customizable backgrounds
* HDMI style plug for power and linking EAS accessories
* One-touch easy menu navigation notification center
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