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Webber Off-Road and Diesel Performance


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The Apex Performance 3.0 Rapid Precision Valve allows for Quick and Easy Tire Deflation. Challenging trails like those that have sand, mud, deep snow, or rocks call for having more traction from your tires. Doing so requires you to air-down to get the proper grip to these terrains. The Apex Performance 3.0 Rapid Precision Valve allows you to precisely deflate you tires to add more rubber for grip and relieve some tension off important suspension and driveline components. This innovative, patent-pending fast deflation tire valve allows you to quickly dump street air pressure to your preferred off-road pressure. 

Operating this valve is very user-friendly. You simply unscrew the stem cover, choose your preferred gauge, slide the gate cover out, and close after reaching the desired pressure. With this RPD, you can get from 35 PSI to 10 PSI in less than 15 seconds.

Standard Lenth
Compatible with Valve Stem Recesses Less than 0.6" in Depth The Apex Performance 3.0 Rapid Precision Valve is manufactured with a standard length (STD) which makes it compatible with most aftermarket wheels. The rapid precision valve (RPD) is meant for valve stem recesses with less than 0.6" of depth.

Extra Length
If you have deep valve stem recesses you may need to checkout the RPV XL Length version. A few examples of wheels that will need the XL version are listed below, but you should always, measure your wheels to be sure.
Black Rhino Rift
KMC 235 (Grenade)
KMC 229 (Machete)
Method 701
Ford Raptor OEM wheels [seal flip needed for extra clearance]
Ford Bronco OEM wheels
Jeep MOPAR Factory Beadlocks
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