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Webber Off-Road and Diesel Performance

2023 BDS Ford F250/F350 Super Duty 4WD- Basic Kit

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The provided description highlights the features and benefits of a 3" lift kit with heavy-duty BDS radius arms for a Super Duty vehicle. Here is a breakdown of the key points:

  1. Heavy-Duty BDS Radius Arms: The kit replaces the factory stamped steel arms with robust BDS radius arms. These arms are constructed from 1-3/4" OD heavy wall tubing, providing superior strength compared to the original lightweight stamped steel units.

  2. Improved Strength and Caster Correction: The heavy wall tubular construction enhances strength while also correcting caster with a lower cam slot. This helps optimize the suspension geometry and improves handling.

  3. Large OE-Style Rubber Bushings: The kit utilizes large OE-style rubber bushings at the frame mount of the radius arms. These bushings offer excellent durability and quieter operation compared to arms equipped with heims and flex joints. They also provide better isolation of noise, harshness, and vibrations (NHVs).

  4. High-Strength Replacement Track Bar: The kit includes a high-strength replacement track bar designed to re-center the front axle after the lift is installed. The track bar is adjustable and made from 1-3/8" solid steel stock with gusseted ends. It features a fine thread center turnbuckle with pinch bolts for easy length adjustment. The track bar utilizes a greaseable, high-durometer polyurethane bushing on one end and a heavy-duty ball joint on the other for strength, comfort, and quiet operation.

  5. Brake Line and Sway Bar Relocation Brackets: Front brake line relocation brackets are included to provide enough slack in the lines to allow for suspension cycling during off-road use. Sway bar relocation brackets are also included to correct the sway bar operating angle for optimal performance without sacrificing approach angle.

  6. Rear Lift Block and U-Bolts: The rear of the vehicle is leveled using a 1" bolt-on lift block and new black e-coated u-bolts. This helps achieve a balanced stance while retaining the factory rear springs, preserving ride quality and towing capacity.

  7. Performance Series Shocks: The kit comes with a pair of NX2 or FOX 2.0 performance series gas shocks for the rear suspension. These shocks are designed to complement the performance of the front suspension and provide improved damping characteristics.

In summary, the 3" radius arm lift kit from BDS Suspension offers increased strength, improved suspension geometry, quieter operation, re-centering of the front axle, optimal sway bar performance, and balanced leveling for the Super Duty vehicle, enhancing its off-road capability and overall performance.

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