Vehicle Tuneup Essentials: The Importance of an Oil Change

Vehicle Tuneup Essentials: The Importance of an Oil Change

That little light on your dash that indicates you need an oil change can wait, right? Surely you have a couple thousand more miles before you really need to take care of this. As a person with a busy lifestyle, a basic vehicle tuneup may not be something that you really have time for during your day-to-day schedule. Even though something like an oil change doesn’t really take all that long to do, it still means scheduling time out of your day to visit the car repair shop. 

Unfortunately, this mindset can get car drivers into trouble when their engine suddenly isn’t performing like it should. An oil change is an incredibly important part of the vehicle tuneup process because it ensures that your engine components are well-lubricated and functioning like they should. A lack of quality oil in your engine can lead to major problems going down the road, like part malfunctions or even your engine going kaput altogether. Both of these scenarios can leave you in a potentially dangerous situation and looking at expensive car repairs. 

So, why exactly is an oil change so important? As mentioned, it’s good for your engine, but it can also improve your gas mileage and the way your vehicle runs. Combined with other to-do items in a vehicle tuneup, like checking your tires and topping off your fluids, an oil change can truly make the lifetime of your car much longer than if you put off this routine task.

Oil changes are typically recommended every 5,000 miles or so, depending upon the age and condition of your vehicle. At Webber Offroad, we can assist you with your vehicle tuneup needs and keep you out on the road safely and efficiently all year long. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or stop by the shop to take care of this important car maintenance task.

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