Quick Pitch: The Overlanding Must Have Brand

Quick Pitch: The Overlanding Must Have Brand

Webber Off-road is proud to announce that we recently partnered with Quick Pitch, this company was started several years ago in Australia. From becoming the distributor for a major South African based 4Ă—4 accessory manufacturer to manufacturing some of their own niche product, it has grown to a well known name in the overland vehicle transformation market. The owners being South Africans and well established in Australia have moved the manufacturing plant to South Africa. This has enable them to launch all their niche products throughout the world. Their goal is to introduce niche products, made to the highest standards, that simplifies camping and overlanding adventure experiences.

Key Features

Easy to Use
Easy to Access
Mounts to any Surface
Light and Appealing
High Quality Product
Multi Functional
Always Available to use

    Products Offered

    Roof Top Tent

    20 Second Awning


    Awning Side Walls

    Mini Kitchen


    Hot Water System

    Cargo Box

    Cargo Mount

    Traz Tab

    Trax Clamp

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