Ok, so maybe you know how to do your own oil changes and can even handle some minor repairs to your vehicle . . . but when it comes to going to the car repair shop, you just aren’t sure what to expect. As a smart and savvy woman, you know it’s important to deal with the right car care professionals so your vehicles stay in top condition. You may also find yourself wondering if you really got the service you needed, even if you speak some of the shop lingo. Here are some great questions to ask at the car repair shop before, during, and after your servicing.

  1. Can You Give Me an Estimate? The truth is that you shouldn’t settle for the first answer you get when you need to go to the car repair shop. Asking around for an estimate and getting referrals for the best shop is your best bet for quality repairs at fair prices.
  2. Can I Tell You What Happened? If you have ever walked into a car repair shop only to find that you’re asked to sit down and wait, and they never even ask you what the problem is, then you know the frustration of being left in the dark. After all, it’s the vehicle you drive every day. If you find a mechanic who is willing to listen to your experience while driving, you will be more likely to end up with better results.
  3. Can I Have My Old Parts Back? Let’s say your car repair required a replacement part or two. Even if your car is driving like a dream now, asking for the old parts back may be a good insurance policy if you begin experiencing the same issue again in the near future. Then your next visit to the car repair shop will help your mechanic troubleshoot further.

At Webber Offroad & Performance, we know that going to the car repair shop can be intimidating for lots of people, but we are welcoming to both men and women of all mechanical inclinations. If you need to come in to the shop for a car repair, give us a call or stop on by today.